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Zardosht Hodaie
Hi all,

we have defined three different SuppressionCommentFilter s in our
CheckStyle configurations. Now the problem is, when these comment are
nested in each other the inner comments do not funtion any more.
For example:

// CheckStyle stop comment 1
   // Check start comment 2

       void foo(){
           //i expect CheckStyle warnings here.
           //but it does not funtion

   //CheckStyle stop comment 2

// CheckStyle start comment 1

I expect CheckStyle to be enabled in inner comment block, but it is
not. I tested it without nesting the comments and it funtion
correctly. The case is, we have a generated class, but some methods
inside it are manually changed and we want check style to be enabled
for manual code.
I would appreciate any helps about it.

Thanks in advance,
Zardosht Hodaie.

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