WriteTag problem - severity "ignore"?

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WriteTag problem - severity "ignore"?

Mogens Bramm

I am trying to use the JavadocPackage module WriteTag, in the way illustrated in the examples of the documentation (using Checkstyle version 5.5):

----- (from the documentation)

An example of how to configure the check to print warnings if an "@incomplete" tag is found, and not print anything if it is not found:
<module name="WriteTag">
   <property name="tag" value="@incomplete"/>
   <property name="tagFormat" value="\S"/>
   <property name="severity" value="ignore"/>
   <property name="tagSeverity" value="warning"/>


However, this does not seem to work as I would expect (and - as I understand the example - is supposed to work).

According to the release notes of Release 4.0 Beta 5:
"Added patch (id 1193251) to suppress processing of checks with 'ignore' severity. "

Setting severity level "ignore" completely bypasses the check (), and the above warning is never issued.

Can somebody confirm if the problem is in the code, the documentation, or me :-)


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