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Róbert Kohányi
I'm using the latest Checkstyle Eclipse (Indigo) plugin ( and I can't seem to get to work the SuppressWithNearbyComment check.

E.g. the following does not work as expected (Checkstyle labels this with a warning in Eclipse):

// @do-not-checkstyle MagicNumber
int x = 234234;

My check looks like this:
<module name="SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter">
    <property name="commentFormat" value="@do-not-checkstyle (.*)"/>
    <property name="checkFormat" value="$1"/>

I've tried different commentFormats, but nothing worked.

Also, the TreeWalker module has a FileContentsHolder child module.

(I've attached the actual checkstyle.xml I'm using.)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Kohányi Róbert

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