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Stepping down from leading Checkstyle

Oliver Burn
Hi all,

Interesting in taking over the Checkstyle project, read on.....

I started the Checkstyle project back in 2001 and have been leading it's development ever since. The project was started to scratch an itch of mine, and I have certainly managed to scratch it over the last 12 years.
It has been an enjoyable and educational ride. But, as can be clearly seen at the Ohloh site ( the development of Checkstyle has stagnated in recent years. This is due to a numerous reasons, but mainly due to the stagnation in the Java language and lack of time on my behalf.

I was reflecting on the fact that the stagnation in the Java language is about to change. This will mean that there will need to be a fair amount of change required in Checkstyle, both the core and checks, to support Java 8 and beyond.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to dedicate enough time and effort to Checkstyle moving forward to be able to do the required work to lead the project. I do not want to restrict the development of Checkstyle by being a bottleneck. It is time for a new leader!

I would love to see the Checkstyle project continue and thrive into the future, which is why I am sending this email. If you are interested in taking over the Checkstyle project, please get in contact with me.

It would be ideal if somebody was interested in taking over the leadership of the Checkstyle project and is committed to support Java 8+. I am keen that the dedication to good software engineering practices (meaning user documentation, unit testing and software design) would be continued.

If you are interested, please get in contact with me at oliver at puppycrawl dot com.


PS: I plan to stay as a committer on the project.

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