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Fwd: RegexpSingleline, and XML files

Michael Hüttermann

 Hi again,
 I'm wondering if someone has an idea. Although using the attribute
 "fileExtensions" I don't get my XML files validated.
 I'm using version 2.6 of the Maven checkstyle plugin and define and
 reference my configuration accordingly (it is processed correctly except
 the RegexpSingleline, see below).

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 Subject: [Checkstyle-user] RegexpSingleline, and XML files
 Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 15:57:20 +0100
 From: Michael Hüttermann <[hidden email]>
 To: <[hidden email]>
 Reply-To: [hidden email]


  I want to validate XML files, but the following module construction
  only detects the false pattern in Java files. How can I configure it
  make it apply to XML files as well? Thanks!!!

  <module name="Checker">
     <module name="RegexpSingleline">
       <property name="severity" value="warning" />
       <property name="format" value="findme\s+$" />
       <property name="message" value="bug!" />

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