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Development changes (inc new committers)

Oliver Burn

I am pleased to announce that Checkstyle now has two new committers:
  • Roman Ivanov
  • Ivan Sopov
These guys are keen to take the lead on the future development of Checkstyle, and have been active extending Checkstyle for a while. They are behind I am very happy to have them on board.

To breathe new life into the development processes, as of September 2013, the Checkstyle project is using GitHub for hosting the following:
  • Source code repository - replacing the Mercurial repository on SourceForge.
  • Issue management - replacing the Bugs/Feature/Patches on SourceForge. All new issues should be raised at GitHub, and pull requests are now the preferred way to submit patches.
SourceForge will still be used for website hosting, binary downloads and mailing lists.

I have updated the website to reflect these changes. See


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