Checkstyle release 5.7 is available

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Checkstyle release 5.7 is available

Roman Ivanov

The Checkstyle team is pleased to announce that version 5.7 is available for use.

Changes are mostly bug fixes and few minor enhancements to existing functionality.
See for details.
Thanks a lot to all contributors and all participants.

Main changes are internal restructuring:

1) development team is renewed:

2) sources are moved to github:

3) Issue tracking is still in progress of moving to github:
Transition will be finished soon.

4) Mail-lists are moved to google groups:!forum/checkstyle!forum/checkstyle-announce!forum/checkstyle-devel

we are not going to resubscribe you - please do it yourself if you still interested.

Sourceforge's mail lists will be closed soon, archive will be available at:

Roman Ivanov
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