Checkstyle needs your feedback on Java 8 and JavaDoc support

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Checkstyle needs your feedback on Java 8 and JavaDoc support

Roman Ivanov
Hello Checkstyle User,

Java 8 is about to release. Checkstyle crashes on Java 8 code due to new syntax changes.
Unfortunately ANTLR grammar update is not a simple task, and none of our tiny development team can handle it before Java8 is released or even this year.

I decided to file the proposal: 
to Google Summer Of Code 2014 in order to find talented students who can focus/work on this tasks for some period of time.

All I need/ask from you is either of the following:
- 1 question survey, without registration - ;
- reply to this mail thread to show that you need this feature;
- if you represent organization that participate in GSoC 2014 and could give us support vote please let me know .

For us it is required to understand how much you need these features.

Please reshare this request to other developers who use Checkstyle.

Roman Ivanov
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