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Apply checkstyle to custom checks

I am using the Maven Checkstyle plugin to apply Checkstyle to our code.

I have a custom configuration file packaged inside a Jar file and the Maven plugin is configured to depend on this jar file and hence pick up this custom config. This works fine.

However we now have some custom coded checks to extend Checkstyle. Currently these checks are being built and packaged into the same Jar file as the custom configuration file all as part of a single Maven jar project.

These custom checks work fine when applied to all other projects.

But we are having some trouble applying them to our custom coded checks. Basically the way Maven builds the project, it runs the Checkstyle check before it publishes the custom settings/checks jar to the local repository. This means that when the Checkstyle check is run, Maven picks up the latest version in the local repository, which will not match any changes we have just made. The end result is that our own custom checks are being checked against a configuration that is at least one version behind the latest.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to better structure this Maven project so that we can make changes to the custom config file, or the custom coded checks and have those changes be immediately applied to the same project in the very next build? Perhaps some kind of multi-module setup, or maybe delaying the "check" goal until later in the build life cycle?

We have not written any custom PMD checks, but if we did, this same problem would crop up there as well (ie. trying to apply custom PMD settings to your own PMD custom checks).


Craig Dickson
Software Engineering Manager
Behr Process Corporation
Santa Ana, California

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