[ANN] Sonar 1.0 - Another QA tool ?

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[ANN] Sonar 1.0 - Another QA tool ?

Freddy Mallet-2
Hortis.ch is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 1.0, a new open source tool
that complements Maven, Checkstyle, PMD, JavaNCSS, Cobertura / Clover.


The particularity of Sonar is to centralize all quality data overtime in a central database. From that point, it's much easier to monitor all projects under continuous quality control through a web interface.

If you work only with few java projects we highly encourage people to take a look to great open source tools like Maven Dashboard, XRadar and QALab but if you want to keep control on 10, 50 or more java projects, Sonar could be a more suitable solution.

Take a look to the screenshots gallery to get a quick insight : http://sonar.hortis.ch/screenshots/

Sonar would be nothing without checkstyle so ... Thanks a lot to Checkstyle team !

Have fun

The Sonar team

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