[ANN] Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0beta1 available

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[ANN] Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0beta1 available

Lars Ködderitzsch
Following the release of Checkstyle 5.0 beta1 a few days ago, the
Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0 beta1 is finally available too.

The plugin has undergone major restructuring under the hood but most
things will still be where you have come to know them.
Currently no new features have been implemented - except for support of
Checkstyle 5.0 of course.

Support for Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 has been axed, the target Eclipse
installation is required to run on Java 5.0 (or later).

Things to expect in future 5.0.0 betas:

* Configuration editor support for Checkstyles new custom parametrized
* ???

Currently there is no update site available for beta builds so grab the
latest version here:

Best regards,
Lars Ködderitzsch

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