[ANN] Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0 final released

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[ANN] Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0 final released

Lars Ködderitzsch
Dear Checkstyle community,

the eclipse-cs project is relieved to announce the release of the
Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.0 final.
After several months in beta no new bugs have been filed since beta4, so
this version is assumed to be sufficiently stable.

The software can be grabbed from the eclipse-cs update site:
A packaged update site zip can be downloaded here:
Please refer to the installation instructions:

Please note that this version involved a great deal of refactoring,
among other changes all classes have been relocated to different java
This means that your project configuration in Eclipse will have to be
Luckily, this release contains an optional migration plugin which
automates that task.

The migration plugin does not, however, migrate your Checkstyle
configuration files to be comaptible Checkstyle 5.0, that will require
some manual work.
Please read here about changes in Checkstyle 5.0:

What else is to note about this release:
- Integrates Checkstyle 5.0 (yawn, Captain Obvious)
- Working with Eclipse 3.2.x-3.5.x (support for Eclipse 3.0/3.1 dropped,
please check out older plugin versions)
- Support for Checkstyle 5.0 custom messages (see here:
http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/config.html#Custom%20messages )
- Experimental, optional m2eclipse->eclipse-cs synchronisation, allowing
the eclipse-cs plugin project configuration to be automatically derived
from the Maven Checkstyle settings in the project POM (Thanks to Nicolas
De Loof)
- Changed how custom Checkstyle extensions are to be integrated with
eclipse-cs. Existing extension fragments for 4.4.x plugin version need
to be adapted (http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/extending.html)
- Dropped german and french translations until a clean and workable
solution for providing language packs is worked out

Please read here for further details:

Thanks to the Checkstyle team for their continued great work.

Best regards,
Lars Ködderitzsch

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